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Name Num Organization B/T Height Weight Birth Date
Bong, Jung Keun51KoreaL/L6'3" 215lbs 07/15/1980
Chong, Taehyon21KoreaR/R6'1" 215lbs 11/10/1978
Im, Tae Hoon32KoreaR/R6'1" 200lbs 09/28/1988
Jang, Wonsam13KoreaL/L5'11" 160lbs 06/09/1983
Jong, Hyun Wook19KoreaR/R6'2" 185lbs 12/02/1978
Kim, Kwang-Hyun31KoreaL/L6'2" 185lbs 07/02/1988
Lee, Jae Woo11KoreaR/R6'0" 180lbs 02/09/1980
Lee, Seung Ho20KoreaL/L5'9" 180lbs 09/09/1981
Lim, Chang-Yong12Tokyo Yakult SwallowsR/R5'11" 175lbs 06/04/1976
Oh, Seung Hwan17KoreaR/R5'10" 205lbs 07/15/1982
Ryu, Hyun-Jin99KoreaR/L6'3" 250lbs 03/25/1987
Son, Min Han1Lotte GiantsR/R5'10" 185lbs 01/02/1975
Yoon, Suk-min28Kia TigersR/R6'0" 190lbs 07/24/1986
Kang, Minho47Lotte GiantsR/R6'1" 195lbs 08/18/1985
Park, Kyung Oan26KoreaR/R5'10" 195lbs 07/11/1972
Choi, Jeong2KoreaR/R5'11" 185lbs 02/28/1987
Jeong, Keunwoo8KoreaR/R5'8" 165lbs 10/02/1982
Kim, Taekyun52KoreaR/R6'0" 220lbs 05/29/1982
Ko, Young Min14KoreaR/R6'0" 160lbs 02/08/1984
Lee, Bum Ho6KoreaR/R6'0" 205lbs 11/25/1981
Lee, Dae-Ho10Lotte GiantsR/R6'4" 250lbs 06/21/1982
Park, Ki Hyuk16Lotte GiantsR/R5'10" 160lbs 06/04/1981
Choo, Shin-Soo5Cleveland IndiansL/L5'11" 210lbs 07/13/1982
Kim, Hyun Soo50KoreaL/R6'2" 210lbs 01/12/1988
Lee, Jin Young35KoreaL/L6'1" 200lbs 06/15/1980
Lee, Jong Wook39KoreaL/L5'9" 170lbs 06/18/1980
Lee, Taek-Keun29KoreaR/R6'0" 185lbs 07/10/1980
Lee, Yongkyu15Kia TigersL/L5'9" 155lbs 08/26/1985