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Name Num Organization B/T Height Weight Birth Date
Betancourt, Danny15CubaR/R5'11" 187lbs 05/27/1981
Chapman, Aroldis52CubaL/L6'4" 215lbs 02/28/1988
Garcia, Vladimir17CubaR/R6'2" 270lbs 05/24/1988
Gonzalez, Norberto32CubaL/L6'0" 209lbs 10/10/1979
Gonzalez, Yulieski48CubaL/L5'11" 190lbs 06/20/1980
Jimenez, Ismel59CubaR/R5'10" 200lbs 02/10/1986
Lahera, Miguel42CubaR/R6'3" 254lbs 01/24/1985
Lazo, Pedro Luis99CubaR/R6'3" 245lbs 04/15/1973
Licea, Ciro62CubaR/R6'2" 224lbs 11/28/1975
Maya, Yunesky97CubaR/R6'0" 215lbs 08/28/1981
Rodriguez, Luis74CubaR/R6'0" 175lbs 05/03/1973
Ulacia, Yolexis92CubaR/R5'10" 205lbs
Vera, Norge20CubaR/R6'3" 185lbs 08/03/1971
Merino, Rolando40CubaR/R6'2" 205lbs 02/17/1971
Peraza, Yosvany46CubaR/R6'1" 253lbs 02/09/1979
Pestano, Ariel8CubaR/R6'0" 180lbs 01/31/1974
Enriquez, Michel12CubaR/R5'10" 190lbs 11/02/1979
Gurriel, Yulieski10R/R6'0" 190lbs 06/09/1984
Malleta, Alexander55CubaL/L6'1" 220lbs 02/22/1977
Navas, Luis Miguel3CubaR/R6'1" 200lbs 02/02/1980
Olivera, Hector28CubaR/R6'2" 230lbs 04/05/1985
Paret, Eduardo2CubaR/R5'9" 185lbs 10/23/1972
Pedroso, Joan Carlos14CubaR/R6'1" 235lbs 10/23/1979
Anderson, Leslie56CubaL/L6'1" 205lbs 03/30/1982
Cepeda, Frederich24CubaS/R5'8" 200lbs 08/04/1980
Cespedes, Yoenis51CubaR/R5'10" 220lbs 10/18/1985
Despaigne, Alfredo54CubaR/R5'7" 209lbs 06/17/1986
Martin, Leonys44CubaL/R6'2" 200lbs 03/06/1988