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Rays Membership is your chance to experience
the magic of Rays Baseball in a more interactive,
convenient and memorable way.



*Enter Tap-to-win by using your Rays Card as your method of entry or spending $10 of e-Cash at concession/merchandise locations. No purchase necessary. See contest rules for details.
**Free hot dog, soda, or popcorn every 5th time you use your Rays Card as your ticket to the game. (All digital vouchers will be delivered to your Rays Card - subject to change.)

Rays Card

Use your card as your all-access pass to Rays Baseball and the primary vehicle for receiving your Rays Membership benefits.

Each member will receive a personalized membership card to be used for:

  • Ticketing

  • Parking

  • e-Cash purchases at concession and merchandise stands at Tropicana Field

  • And much more!

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e-Cash is the quick and easy way to make purchases at
concession and merchandise locations at Tropicana Field.

All Rays Members will receive a top up bonus
depending on their membership type:

Load e-Cash


Top Up your card using the "Top Up" feature on your
Rays Membership account.


Select the Rays Card and amount you would like to add
from the drop down menu and click "Top Up."


Enter your credit/debit card information and update your
billing address on the secure payment page.

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Auto Top-Up

Auto Top Up ensures your card balance is always at or above the
specified minimum threshold.

Sign up for Auto Top Up for the first time and
receive an additional $10!*


How to Enable Auto Top Up


Sign up for Auto Top Up using the "Auto Top Up" feature
on your Rays Membership account.


Select the Rays Card you would like to enable and click
the box next to "Enable Auto Top Up."


Choose your "Minimum Balance Threshold" and "Top Up Amount"
from the drop down menu. The Top Up Amount will be automatically added to
your card each time your balance falls below your selected Minimum Balance Threshold.


When Auto Top Up is enabled for the first time, a $1 transaction
will be processed and credited to your account.

*Members will only receive the $10 bonus if signing up for Auto Top Up
for the first time since 2012.

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Digital Ticketing


Elite & Gold

Elite and Gold Members who selected to have digital tickets will have their season tickets preloaded to their Rays Cards. Those who did not opt for digital ticketing have the ability to transfer tickets to their Rays Cards via their Rays Membership account.




Gold and Elite Members who are interested in nominating share partners can do so through their Rays Membership account, under ‘Nominate Share Partner.’

*All share partners will receive their own Membership account and Rays Cards.

How to Nominate a Share Partner



Blue Members who exchange their Flex Pack vouchers will have tickets automatically delivered to their Rays Cards.

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All Rays Members have the opportunity to purchase general parking using the e-Cash they have loaded on their Rays Card and receive 50% off the price upon arrival (based on availability).

Lots 2, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are available for Rays Member parking.

Elite & Gold

Elite and Gold Members who purchased season parking passes and selected digital ticketing will have their parking passes automatically loaded to their primary Rays Card. Accounts that purchased multiple season parking passes will have the additional passes loaded to secondary Rays Cards.

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Anything you can do with your Rays Card you can do on your phone.


The Brewhouse, all portables and stand locations with this logo accept mobile Rays Cards.

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Contact Us

For questions regarding your Rays Membership, please contact or 727-342-5720.

During Rays home games at Tropicana Field visit a Membership Services location at Gate 1 or Gate 3 for assistance with your Membership.

Elite and Gold Members who have questions regarding their season tickets, please contact or 727-825-3250. Meet with a Season Ticket Services Specialist, located at the Gate 3 Membership Desk, during Rays home games (Season Ticket Services available from gates opening until the bottom of the 3rd inning).

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