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1997 Expansion Draft

Date: November 18, 1997
Site: Phoenix, Arizona

Expansion Draft | Rule V Draft

First Round
1. Tony Saunders LHP Florida
2. Quinton McCracken OF Colorado
3. Bobby Abreu* OF Houston
4. Miguel Cairo 2B Chicago
5. Rich Butler OF Toronto
6. Bobby Smith 3B Atlanta
7. Jason Johnson RHP Pittsburgh
8. Dmitri Young** OF/1B Cincinnati
9. Esteban Yan RHP Baltimore
10. Mike DiFelice C St. Louis
11. Bubba Trammell OF Detroit
12. Andy Sheets*** SS Seattle
13. Dennis Springer RHP Anaheim
Second Round
14. Dan Carlson RHP San Francisco
15. Brian Boehringer**** RHP New York
16. Mike Duvall LHP Florida
17. John LeRoy RHP Atlanta
18. Jim Mecir RHP Boston
19. Bryan Rekar RHP Colorado
20. Rick Gorecki RHP Los Angeles
21. Ramon Tatis LHP Chicago
22. Kerry Robinson OF St. Louis
23. Steve Cox 1B Oakland
24. Albie Lopez RHP Cleveland
25. Jose Paniaqua RHP Montreal
26. Carlos Mendoza OF New York
Third Round
27. Ryan Karp LHP Philadelphia
28. Santos Hernandez RHP San Francisco
29.> Randy Winn OF Florida
30. Terrell Wade LHP Atlanta
31. Aaron Ledesma SS Baltimore
32. Brooks Kieshnick 1B Chicago
33. Luke Wilcox OF New York
34. Herbert Perry 1B Cleveland
35. Vaughn Eshelman LHP Oakland

*Traded to Philadelphia in exchange for shortstop Kevin Stocker
**Traded to Cincinnati in exchange for outfielder Mike Kelly
***Traded to San Diego in exchange for catcher John Flaherty; resigned as a free agent November 15, 2000
****Traded to San Diego in exchange for catcher John Flaherty

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Major League Rule V Draft

The Major League Rule V Draft occurs at baseball's annual winter meetings in December. Players eligible for the draft must meet the following two requirements: (1) at least three years of professional service and (2) not protected on a 40-man roster. The selecting team must pay $50,000 to the player's original club. If a selected player does not make the team's Opening Day roster, he must be offered back to the original club for $25,000.

Original Club
Status with Devil Rays
David Lamb (INF) Baltimore Claimed by New York Mets on waivers February 7, 2000
Chad Ogea (RHP) Detroit Released in Spring Training March 29, 2000
Chris Reitsma (LHP) Boston Offered back to Boston (accepted March 28, 2000)
*Damian Rolls (INF) Los Angeles Released Nov. 23, 2004
No selection
Kevin McGlinchy (RHP) Atlanta Released in Spring Training 2003
  **Steve Kent (LHP) Seattle Released in 2002
Hector Luna (2B) Cleveland Offered back to Cleveland March 29, 2003 (accepted)
Alec Zumwalt (RHP) Atlanta Returned to the Braves
No selection
Steven Andrade (RHP) Toronto Sent to San Diego to complete Burroughs/Brazelton trade
*Acquired from Kansas City for cash
**Acquired from Anaheim for a player to be named later or cash