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Rays High School Reporters

New for the 2013 season, the Tampa Bay Rays launched a High School Reporter Program. Applications were sent to Hillsborough and Pinellas County public and private schools and eight candidates were chosen to participate in the inaugural year of the program.

These students will attend select Rays games and events throughout the season and write about their experiences. On this page you will find their concert and ballpark food reviews, feature stories and recaps of the games they attend.

Click on the names of the 2013 Rays High School Reporter Program participants below to see their stories.

The Rays Strike Back

Maia Doughtie

Star Wars

The force may have been used Saturday 9/21. After an exhausting 18-inning game the night before, the Rays beat the Orioles once again with a score of 5-1. This game was different than usual, because amongst the crowd were characters of the classic Star Wars films. Darth Vader cheered the Rays to victory Saturday along with many other fans (of both the movies and the Rays alike). The game was filled with light saber fights, and the all too familiar theme song, and the Jumbotron was taken over by Star Wars videos. This game was as out of this world as the movies, with the Rays playing incredibly well after winning a game that lasted till nearly 2 a.m. that morning.

As you walked around the Trop, you were taken to another universe. Characters from the beloved movies walked around Tropicana Field as if they had just walked off the set for "The Empire Strikes Back". Standing in line for a hot dog could end in an awkward run in with a group of Storm Troopers, or a high five from an Ewok. Many fans went all out and even dressed up as their favorite characters from the 6 movies. Princess Leia buns were a regular sight and little Luke Skywalkers seemed to be everywhere. Camille Torres, an avid Rays and Star Wars fan, spoke of her experience as, "the best of both worlds, a combination of my two favorite thingsĀ… the Rays, and Star Wars!"

Tropicana Field was turned into a Millennium Falcon of sorts, a home base for all Rays/Star Wars fans. The game concluded in a 5-1 win and Darth Vader even managed to behave himself through all 9 innings. The Rays are ending their season on a high note, and may the force be with them as they battle their way into the playoffs.

Marissa Allen

Alice Darrow

Maia Doughtie

Jake McCallister

Nikki Morse

Sara Wilson

Jack Zygadlo