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Rays Drum Line

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2010 Drumline Submission FAQ

How do we enter?

Listen to the audio track at

Record your version and send in via DVD or CD to:
Tampa Bay Rays
ATTN: Drumline
One Tropicana Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

How are the drumlines selected?

Drumlines are selected at random by an internal committee made of Rays executives and consultants.

Can we vary from the standard Rays song and beat?

You may vary from the Rays song AFTER the first four measures. It is important that the beginning beat of our song is consistent every time someone in the market hears it. After the first four measures, however, the song is open to interpretation.

How do we play at Tropicana Field?

After the internal committee meets and selects the various participants, you will be contacted by a Rays representative.

Will we be recognized for our participation in the spot and if so, how?

You will be recognized by a small line on the bottom of the Rays TV commercial for the duration of time that your drumline is used.

What is the time line?

You will be notified by a Rays employee within 24 hours of filling out the webpage. After the audio track is submitted for review, the committee will contact you within 2-3 weeks to let you know of your selection status.

What is preferred format for submitting an audio track?

The preferred format is in DVD or mp3.