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Teaming up for the Environment

Rays Teaming Up for the Environment

Teaming Up Events

The Tampa Bay Rays believe in an ongoing commitment to sustainability within our own business operations, including practices that promote energy and water conservation, and reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. We continually strive to make a positive impact on our environmental footprint, and coupled with educational programs and awareness initiatives, we serve as a community role model for environmentally responsible activities.


Break a Bat, Plant a Ball

In partnership with Tampa Bay Watch, the Rays are launching "Break a Bat, Plant a Ball" intuitive. When the first bat is broken in every home game during the 2012 season, the Rays will plant a ball - an Oyster Ball - with Tampa Bay Watch. Oyster balls help control erosion, provide habitat for fish and wildlife, and keep the waters of Tampa Bay clean. For more information please visit

Plant a Ball
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Rays Touch Tank Relaunch

On Friday, April 20, In partnership with the Florida Aquarium, the Rays unveiled a refreshed Rays Touch Tank at Tropicana Field. Through this partnership, the Rays continue to support the Aquarium's goal of inspiring conservation through greater understanding and involvement with our aquatic habitats. The 35-foot, 10,000 gallon tank is located just beyond the right-center field fence. The Rays Touch Tank experience is free to all fans attending home games, and the sale of fish food benefits the Aquarium and The Rays Baseball Foundation.

Burst Pass
Burst Pass

Local Sustainability

Local Sustainability

The Rays are teaming up with Tropicana to promote being respectful of our environment and responsible in our use of natural resources. Local Tropicana grower, Paul Fabry, was involved in the game activities over Earth Day Weekend, including the first pitch, and 7th inning stretch. Additionally, the Rays concessions partner, Centerplate will be using locally-grown produce from Sweetwater Organic Farm in Tampa and other local growers in offerings in the restaurants and clubs. Event and promotion company Tasting Tampa, the company that brought Food Truck Rallies to Tampa Bay, also coordinated local food trucks to be a part of the Earth Day festivities. Food trucks were located at Gates 1 and 4 during the game. These trucks source local food whenever possible and are locally owned small businesses. Rays players wore wearing green caps during batting practice, and these caps were auctioned on to support our Teaming up for the Environment programs.