My season, thus far, has been a very typical season. Yes, I was traded midseason -- I was also traded midseason last year -- but I am not really one to look at things too in-depth.

I started with the Orioles after signing a one-year contract as a free agent last winter. My time there was relatively short, but I did really enjoy my time there. I liked the city, and I liked the ballpark. I think that club has a lot of good fans.

It was also my first time playing in the American League on a full-time basis, and I liked that as well. When it comes to some of the AL ballparks, I got to spend more time in some of them than I had ever before. That was a lot of fun, too.

Prior to the deadline, I got traded to the Pirates. Obviously, things from a team standpoint have not worked out like we would have liked them to of late.

When I first got here, I only got to play in a few games before I got hurt. I broke my hand, so I was not on the field as much as I would have liked to have been. Things just didn't work out as planned.

When I got here, we were in the middle of a playoff chase. Unfortunately, we dropped out of that chase pretty quickly.

Last year was sort of similar to this year. I started with the Cubs and then got traded to the Braves. The biggest difference between this year and last year is that last year I had a no-trade clause. That sort of allowed me to pick and choose where I wanted to go. Last year that clause helped guarantee me a spot in the playoffs. This year, I didn't have such an option. I had a pretty good idea I was going to be traded, I just didn't know where.

I spent a lot of years with the Cubs and Marlins. Now, I have played for four teams in the last two years. There is something to say about stability, but there is also something to say about the chance to go to the playoffs. When I got to Pittsburgh, we had an outside shot of going to the playoffs, so you can never complain about that. Getting traded is not always negative.

Looking ahead, I really have not put a lot of thought to what is ahead for me. When somebody asks me what I am looking to do in the future, I just don't know, and I do think it is a really good question. Right now, it is about trying to finish up this season real strong.

It is also tough to say because it is very difficult to forecast things like that. I guess I will take a wait-and-see approach and see how everything unfolds.

Veteran first baseman Derrek Lee is batting .343 for the Pirates this year, and he has hit five home runs and driven in 14 runs in 18 games. On the year, he is hitting .262 in 103 contests, missing a month of action due to injury.