I've never been to the playoffs before, so this push in the final days is kind of new to me. Every game means something. They all count so much that you have to be on your game each and every day. This is how baseball should be.

It seems like each and every game is already a playoff-type game with a playoff-type atmosphere. I love it. As a competitor, this is what I thrive on.

Coming to the Diamondbacks has been great for me now that I'm past the transition stage. When you've been in the same organization for 10 years, like I was with Cincinnati, there are a lot of changes to absorb -- even little things like which way to walk into the clubhouse at Chase Field. I had only entered the visitor's clubhouse before.

Overall, I think the transition has been pretty easy thanks to my new teammates. We have a good team, and it's been a lot of fun playing and being with these guys. Before I got here, the only guy I knew was Orlando Hudson, who's out now due to an injury.

This is the first time I've been around a group of guys other than the Reds and now, with our roster expanded, I'm meeting and getting to know even more new guys up from the Minors. That's always fun. Many of these guys have never been called up to the Big Leagues before. It helps rejuvenate you. You see them smile and you see just how happy they are to come to work every day.

Coming to Arizona has also meant playing some first base for the first time in a couple of years, which is OK by me. The key is to get comfortable and to remember to do some of the little things that come with the position.

I want to help my new teammates in any way I can. We're all together now in a drive to get to the postseason.

Slugger Adam Dunn, who has a .900 career OPS, was acquired from the Reds on Aug. 11 to bring a power bat to the D-backs' lineup. With 37 homers, he's in position to reach the 40-home run mark for the fifth consecutive season.