Since the Republican National Convention has been going on in the Twin Cities, we've been on a four-city, 14-game, 15-day trip -- the longest trip this franchise has been on in 40 years. But we approached this trip like any other trip, and that's been to try and win each series.

Of course, it doesn't always work out, and you have to take things day by day, but if we focus on winning a series, then repeat that, we'll be all right over the long run.

While the schedule has obviously been out for quite some time, I didn't really start paying attention to this trip until a few weeks ago. I try not to worry about things that are a ways off. But we saw that this trip was coming up, and we knew that it would be a big, important trip. I wasn't thinking about it back in April or May, though.

When you hear that it's the longest trip in 40 years for the Twins, it makes you wonder how things are scheduled, but we don't have any control over that. We can only control trying to win ballgames. Our plan is to win as many of these games as we can before going back home on Friday. Hopefully we'll finish this trip strong.

While we've been gone, we do know that home is abuzz with the convention. It's been pretty busy there, so maybe it was better to be gone and on the road for so long. I personally don't follow the political races as much as I probably should, but I'll do some studying before it comes time for me to vote.

All-Star catcher Joe Mauer is having another standout season for the Twins, who are tied for first place in the AL Central. Mauer, a St. Paul native, is third in the league with a .323 batting average. He's also second on the Twins with 67 RBIs.