Bill Hall, Ryan Howard, Jake Peavy, Jimmy Rollins, Nick Swisher, So Taguchi and Justin Verlander are among 19 baseball stars who appear in Disney's new "I Don't Dance" music video.

The music video premiered last week in anticipation of the Aug. 17 original movie "High School Musical 2" on the Disney Channel.

The music video cuts to players, shot at various locations, who sing the refrain, "I don't dance!" Those scenes are mixed with clips of acrobatic game-action shots of players which suggest otherwise. The players also provide a little "Hey, batter, batter" banter and Verlander demonstrates his ability to bounce a baseball off his forearm.

Here's the full list players who appear on the three-minute, 50-second version of the video:

Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, and Jimmy Rollins (Philadelphia Phillies); Jake Peavy (San Diego Padres); Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers); Craig Biggio (Houston Astros); David Eckstein and So Taguchi (St. Louis Cardinals); Bronson Arroyo (Cincinnati Reds); C.C. Sabathia (Cleveland Indians); Nick Swisher (Oakland A's); Jeff Francoeur and Brian McCann (Atlanta Braves); B.J. Upton (Tampa Bay Devil Rays); Bill Hall and J.J. Hardy (Milwaukee Brewers); and Luis Gonzalez, Takashi Saito and Nomar Garciaparra (Los Angeles Dodgers).

"The Major League Baseball players in "I Don't Dance" give new meaning to "swing." They are having a lot of fun, and viewers of the video will, too," said Judy Heeter, the Major League Baseball Players Association's director of business affairs and licensing.

The song "I Don't Dance" blends swing, jitterbug, hip hop and rap music with baseball and premiered last week on Disney Channel, according to the press release. It's also being presented in select Major and Minor League ballparks nationwide throughout the summer.

The music video is also being featured on The Baseball Youth Road Trip, a summer tour presented by the MLBPA stopping at youth baseball tournaments and Minor League Baseball parks throughout the country.

Altogether, the "I Don't Dance" music video will be shown at over 60 youth baseball events during the Road Trip, culminating at the Little League World Series, where it will serve as the theme song for the games.

"We're combining America's pastime with the song and dance of "High School Musical 2," in hopes of creating a home run with our viewers and the devoted young fans of Major League Baseball," said Adam Sanderson Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Disney ABC Networks Group. "This is the new song of summer, and we're thrilled to share the same playing field with Major League Baseball."

"Major League Baseball appeals to the entire family, so it is natural for us to join the Disney Channel this summer on a project that resonates so strongly with teens," said Jacqueline Parkes, Senior Vice President, Advertising and Marketing, Major League Baseball. "The video 'I Don't Dance' creates an opportunity for the game to showcase some of our brightest stars along side the talented cast of 'High School Musical 2', and share the experience with television viewers and ballpark fans across the country."

Game highlights and footage of Major Leaguers singing the refrain of "I Don't Dance" was produced by MLB Productions.