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10/06/10 6:23 PM ET

ALDS Game 1 postgame interview: Maddon

Q. What happened there with Carlos in the first inning?
JOE MADDON: Well, he got hit by the pitch but they called it otherwise. I went out there to argue and it was kind of a delayed call. That's what I said to Timmy, and he said he was waiting for his (Pena's) reaction. I said, well, his reaction was he got hit, but he had chosen to say that the ball hit the bat. That's pretty much it.

Q. You had a lot of good swings on the ball. Can you kind of going forward what does that tell you?
JOE MADDON: You're absolutely right. I thought we swung the bat really well tonight. It was unfortunate we had bad baseball luck. We kept hitting the ball at them. It was good playing by Sean, Carl, B.J., so I liked our approach at the plate today a lot actually. I thought we did swing the bats well.

I thought Lee settled in nicely about the fourth inning. I think he started to hit his stride at that particular moment. To that point I thought we were pretty good, and then in the latter part of the game I thought we were very good again, so I'm very encouraged by all of that.

Q. Did you like what you saw from Bartlett in the lead off spot and is that something you may consider doing tomorrow?
JOE MADDON: Yeah, I thought he did a nice job. We kept hitting those targets, man. They had their targets in the right spot, tonight we just kept hitting them. I thought J.B. did a nice job right there, and I thought the whole night did pretty much. A lot of guys had pretty good at bats today, so I'm really not discouraged. I'm actually encouraged.

I think coming into this series we've had a difficult time scoring runs a little bit, but also we're not swinging the bats relatively well, but I thought we did today.

So I'm looking for a carryover into tomorrow.

Q. Can you give us an assessment of what you thought about David Price today?
JOE MADDON: I thought David looked pretty typical in the sense that the velocity was there, mixed in his curveball well. A couple big 3 0 hits against him. The home run by Cruz and then the double by Vlady, kind of build that picket fence, they went two, one, one, one and that kind of hurt. Had he been able to keep it at two or maybe even three we would have had a better field for the whole day, but when they got to five it made it more difficult with that guy pitching and their bullpen.

So I thought David had good stuff. They hit some pitches when he got behind in the count. I thought he had a good curveball again. Probably if anything was not necessarily hitting his spots as often as he would have liked to, but nevertheless had good stuff.

Q. Obviously history tells us that it's not kind to people who lose the first game of a short series. How do you look at the rest of it and the odds that are stacked against you now?
JOE MADDON: I look into history a bit there in 2002 I was a member of the Anaheim Angels that lost the first game of each series and won a World Series. We lost the first game to the Yankees, first game to the Twins and first game to the Giants and celebrated at the end of that year, so I've had that in my brief history. It is a short series. You've got to come back and play well tomorrow. I have a lot of confidence in our guys. We've lost two in a row to the Yankees in New York recently in the new Yankee Stadium and people thought that was it. We came back and won two difficult games after that.

More recently, we lost the first two games in Kansas City, came back and won two difficult games after that. I think our guys are resilient. There's going to be no P word within them, and I think they'll be back and play well tomorrow. We will be back and play well tomorrow.

Q. You mentioned that Bartlett probably will be at the top of the lineup again tomorrow. Given that you've got C.J. Wilson going against you, another lefty, will you pretty much take it on down the line, do you think?
JOE MADDON: There's going to be one other adjustment possibly. I'm still considering some other things. But C.J. Wilson is very, very difficult on left handed hitters, even more so than Lee is, so we may consider doing something else.

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