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09/27/09 2:33 PM ET

Rays to sort out coaches' fate next week

Maddon, Friedman will meet with staff to discuss 2010

ARLINGTON -- Rays manager Joe Maddon said he plans to meet with his coaches early next week to determine their status for the 2010 season.

"I'm not anticipating anything right now change-wise," Maddon said. "We just want to sit down and have a conversation with all of the guys. We're just going to get that done. Probably the beginning of next week, obviously, before I leave [to spend the offseason in California]. Andrew [Friedman, Rays executive vice president of baseball operations] and I talked about it, we just haven't set any specific schedule yet."

The Rays' coaching staff is composed of bench coach Dave Martinez, pitching coach Jim Hickey, first-base coach George Hendrick (also coaches the outfield), hitting coach Steve Henderson, third-base coach Tom Foley (also coaches the infield), quality assurance coach Todd Greene, and assistant pitching coach Brian Anderson.

All of the coaches operate season to season with one-year contracts. Maddon, who spent 31 years in the Angels' organization before he became the Rays manager in 2006, understands how uneasy this time of year can be for a coach waiting to see if his contract will be renewed.

"There was a time I went all the way to Thanksgiving," Maddon said. "That was the year [Mike Scioscia] got the manager's job with the Angels. I had interviewed also. And I was waiting, waiting, waiting. And it's the eve of Thanksgiving, and [Scioscia] gets the job and he calls me and offers me the job as the bench coach.

"My contract ran out on Oct. 31. That was the first time I never had a contract, from Nov. 1 to Nov. 15, something like that, and it's a bad feeling. For years I worked with a one-year deal. I know what it's like. It's part of our culture. It's just the way this thing operates."

If the Rays get their coaching situation sorted out early next week, that will put the Rays among the earliest to do so. Part of that stems from Maddon, who said he is "very much in tune to [their situations].

"I know what it's like. The positive side, coaches know that's the way it is and that's the way it works and it's always going to work that way. It's just an uncomfortable moment we can rectify very quickly."

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