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10/15/08 12:31 AM ET

Crawford, Sonnanstine interview

Teammates talk about solid pitching and hot hitting over last three games

Carl, tonight obviously was a huge night for you, but I want to take you back to Game 1 where your team was being no hit by Daisuke Matsuzaka. How meaningful was it for you to get this offense going with that first hit?

CARL CRAWFORD: He was pitching a good game. Just tried to get something started. I was leading off the inning and just tried to have a good at bat. Got a pitch I could handle and got the base hit.

This is a question for both you guys. Carl, what was it like out there in left field watching Andy mow all those batters down? And Andy, what's it like sitting on the bench watching these guys collect all these hits?

CARL CRAWFORD: For me it was nice to watch Andy do his thing. He's been doing it all year long for us. For me in left field, he's not working me a lot today, so it was nice to see him pitch a good game today.

ANDY SONNANSTINE: For me it was awesome. Before I even threw the first pitch of the game I was already off to a 3-0 lead So I mean it's exciting every time I've got to get up and go slap hands with the guys who just scored, and I did that quite a bit tonight, so I was real happy about that.

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This team has hit ten homers and scored 31 runs in the last three games against a really good pitching staff. Are you as dazzled as the rest of us at how hard your team has hit the ball the last three games?

ANDY SONNANSTINE: Honestly, yeah. I mean, I know we have a great offense, but I sure didn't know we were going to score at that many runs. And to see us do it really puts a smile on my face. It's astounding what they're doing at the plate right now.

Carl, as somebody who's been in this organization a long time through a lot of the bad time, how important has it been for you to be able to get healthy and get back and be a part of this in October on the active roster?

CARL CRAWFORD: It was very important for me because I've been here through a lot of the tough times, and things started to get well and guys made it to the playoffs, and I wanted to be a part of it. Not only just be a part of it, I wanted to contribute and help the guys win in the playoffs. So I'm just happy to be back.

Could you talk about your performance tonight, this type of game, and your feelings after it's over, winning, and you going 5 for 5?

CARL CRAWFORD: Just every at bat you're trying to concentrate and get a base hit, try not to do too much, trying to get on base so I could use my speed, and I was able to find the hole tonight. Just trying to help the team out any way I can.

What will it take to finish off the Sox? They've been in this position twice in the last four years. What would it take to finish them off Thursday?

CARL CRAWFORD: We just have to play our game, do what we've been doing, play good defense, get good pitching and solid hitting. Just got to play our game.

When you had to have surgery, were you concerned that that was the end of your season, and can you just fill us in on what you had to do to get back?

CARL CRAWFORD: Yeah, I definitely thought it was the end of the season. I didn't think I'd be playing right now. I had to do a lot of rehabbing, a lot of running to stay in shape, a lot of lifting.

I had to keep my mind focused on being positive all the time. I actually thought I wasn't going to be able to play, so to be here right now I'm very grateful and I'm just happy to be back.

Carl, you've been through the bad times, you probably can relate more than some of your teammates. Could you ever envision being in a situation in a Tampa Bay uniform one game away from the World Series, honestly?

CARL CRAWFORD: It was tough. You definitely want to be in that position one day, but it was hard to envision that. To be in the position that we are right now is definitely a surprise for me. But at the same time with the guys we have, we were capable of getting here at some point.

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