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10/12/08 2:16 AM ET

Upton, Longoria postgame interview

Teammates talk about long and eventful Game 2

Evan, you said yesterday in the clubhouse that all it would take would be one at bat to straighten things out. Was that homer in the first the at bat that did it for you?

EVAN LONGORIA: Yeah, like I said, I just needed to get a comfort level bat. Fortunately it was the first at bat and then it was the old me. The struggles before, and you start thinking in big situations, and you just need something to turn you around, and fortunately it was the first at bat today.

You've always had five-tool potential, and in the postseason, you are really showing five-tool production. Has there been a change in your game, and how have you been able to step it up?

B.J. UPTON: Not at all, definitely keeping the same approach.

You can't get away from your approach. Been playing this way all year. Obviously the numbers haven't been there and the production hasn't. But that's what the postseason is about. It's time to step it up. We're in October, and everybody on the team is doing it.

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B.J., in that situation with a speedy guy at third, are you thinking, just get this in the air somewhere and let that kid run?

B.J. UPTON: Not necessarily in the air but definitely in play. I knew in that situation I couldn't strike out.

I wanted to put the ball in play and put a little bit of pressure on the defense, especially Fernando at first base. I knew either way, it was going to be a tough play for him, and luckily I got the ball up in the air.

Evan, all year you've had different heroes it seems like every night, every win. Was this kind of the epitome of it tonight with so many guys that came up big at so many different points of the game?

EVAN LONGORIA: Yeah, like I said, it's been like that all year, someone stepping. In October there's different heroes every day. The biggest guy today was probably Price being able to come in and shut the door and get that win, and Wheeler showing two plus innings for us and shutting the door. It was all around a team effort.

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