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10/02/08 7:49 PM ET

Scott Kazmir workout day interview

Pitcher credits entire team with win today and all season long

You've had an up and down year. You came in after being out a month, had a strong May, kind of got a little before the All Star break came back strong after the break and hit a little lull here before the postseason. I think the big question everyone wants to know is what Scott Kazmir are we going to see tomorrow in Game 2?

SCOTT KAZMIR: Hopefully we'll see a very good Scott Kazmir. We've been working hard the last couple of outings, side work. Just trying to fix my mechanics and find really a comfort zone that I'm looking for. Everything's been good. Everything's felt like kind of like it felt in the past in May and what not. So just look to take that out on to the field tomorrow.

Is there a challenge at all not to outthink yourself on the mound?

SCOTT KAZMIR: You know what, it really is. After, you know, you get a couple of outings, three or four outings where you feel like it's mechanical, and next thing you know you think about everything that's going on with your delivery and whatnot.

You really just need to simplify it and concentrate just on hitting the spot, and that's pretty much what I'm thinking about doing. That's what I've been trying to do the past couple of side works. Just not worry about too much of delivery and mechanical wise. Just going out there and concentrate on hitting the target.

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Did you learn a lot today watching the game from the bench, the playoff atmosphere and everything?

SCOTT KAZMIR: Yeah, definitely. I think the playoff atmosphere is a little different than the regular season, to say the least. It's exciting to see. The Rays fans all come out like that, and before the game starts they have chants going and whatnot. It really pumps us up.

You know, I got a good feel for it, and you know, just makes me a little more prepared going into tomorrow.

You talked in the spring about playing in October, this team doing it. Can you talk about pitching tomorrow and a chance to get your team up two games to none?

SCOTT KAZMIR: It would be huge for us. It would be huge for us to go up 2-0, and go on to the road to Chicago. I think that's what we're looking for. We're up one game. It really gave us a lot of momentum going into the second game with how we won.

You know, we got the lead 1-0, and next thing you know we give up the lead, it goes 3-1, and we follow up the very next half inning with our rally of our own. So it just says a lot about this team, and you know, I think we have a lot of momentum going in the second game.

Talk about James Shields and what he did today, and also your position players and how they set the tone for you today.

SCOTT KAZMIR: You can't say enough about Shields, what he's done throughout this whole season, and what he did tonight. He really set the tone for us. You know, he's the type of guy that's going to go deep into a game. He's going to throw quality pitches and keep you in the game. That's what he did here tonight.

As far as position players, you can't say enough about Longoria. You can't say enough about our middle infield, just everyone, we really just played a team game of baseball tonight.

That's pretty much what we did pretty much the entire season, so we're not really going to change anything. Just stay focused and play our game.

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