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09/30/07 2:00 PM ET

Notes: Young, Maddon clear the air

Player, manager discuss incident in Saturday's game

TORONTO -- Any problems existing between Delmon Young and Joe Maddon were smoothed over Sunday morning when Young apologized to the Rays manager.

Maddon pulled Young from Saturday's game because he didn't think Young hustled running out a ground ball. After the game, Young commented that he was done for the year, while Maddon showed his displeasure with the rookie, noting that he felt Young showed a "blatant disrespect" for the game and the team.

When asked about the incident, Young indicated he had patched things up but did not have much to say, save for: "That was yesterday. We don't need to talk about any of this no more. End of conversation."

Maddon was more forthcoming.

"I thought [the meeting] went well," Maddon said. "We talked about the situation and just reviewed what we had talked about in the past -- he and I -- and that basically I had to do what I did yesterday. I didn't want to, but I had to, and we talked about it and came to the conclusion.

"He apologized, and I'd like to see him play 162 games [this season], because he came in to see me today. Had he not come in and seen me today, I would not have done that, but he's going to play at some point today to get that 162, based on our conversation."

Maddon attributed some of what happened Saturday to Young's youth.

"He's a young man," Maddon said. "And in situations like that, it's almost like talking to your son, at that particular age. You know there are certain things you have filter through at times. We did. And I told him exactly how I felt again. And by the conclusion of the conversation, I was pleased with our conclusion. And we were ready to move on. It's behind us, and I never want to see that come up again. It reflects upon the whole organization. There have been so many positives that have occurred of late. I don't want this to be the parting shot for the year."

Part of Young's beef Saturday stemmed from his belief he was being singled out, as he said other players also were not running hard to first. Maddon addressed that with Young, telling him what happened Saturday had nothing to do with anybody else.

"This was all about Delmon yesterday," Maddon said. "When I talked to him today, I wanted him to understand it's not about anybody else. And it's a situation that required action, I felt, based on what he did. And it didn't include anybody else, just him at that moment."

Maddon was pleased to have some resolution to the problem Sunday and not have it linger into the offseason.

"I definitely wanted to get it done today," Maddon said. "And I'm pleased that he came in to resolve it. That's good on his part. ... It weighed heavily on me last night and this morning. For me, personally, I wanted to get it done today. For the organization and the team, I wanted to get it done today. You're always going to have some blips at certain times, and I think it's best to address them as quickly as possible."

Had Young not initiated the action, Maddon said he would not have done so. Maddon said he wasn't surprised by the apology.

"A lot of times, in the heat of the moment, we all say things we don't mean," Maddon said. "For me, the best way to handle an emotional moment like that is the next day. Everybody gets a chance to sleep on it -- think it all the way through. You come to better conclusions, I believe. That's kind of what happened. ... It's a good step [for Young]. I appreciated it."

Status on coaches: Maddon said a decision will be made quickly on his coaching staff for next season. He said any number of scenarios is possible, including all of them returning.

"We'll make that announcement real soon," Maddon said.

Norton surgery: Greg Norton has played with pain in 2007, which prompted a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon.

"I have a 2 o'clock appointment in Birmingham[, Ala.,] with Dr. [James] Andrews to see if they want to transpose the ulnar nerve in my left arm," Norton said.

Norton also has "loose bodies" or "chips" in his elbow that will be scoped, but he said the consultation will determine whether rest or surgery will be best in regard to the ulnar nerve.

Norton hurt his elbow in the third game of Spring Training this season.

"The second half, [the pain] really hasn't been an issue," Norton said. "The whole first half it bothered me quite a bit."

Maddon said he can tell when Norton is feeling well.

"There are times when you see his bat speed and you know he's feeling good, and there are other times when it isn't there and he tries to compensate," Maddon said.

Norton said the recovery time from such an operation would put him on the shelf until the first of the year. The Rays have not said whether they will pick up the $1 million option they hold for Norton in 2008. He said he would like to return to the team because "a lot of good things" were happening.

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