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Matthew Leach has worked for since 2001 and was the site's Cardinals beat reporter from 2002-11.

  • October 08 7:12 PM ET

    So, that was pretty great

    The best/most memorable/most compelling nine-inning games I’ve seen in person…   5. Tie: 2003 NLCS, Game 6 (Bartman), and 2004 NLDS, Game 3 (Lima Time) 4. July 28, 2004, Cardinals 10, Cubs 9 3. 2011 NLDS, Game 5 2. Tonight. 2013 ALDS, Game 3 1. 2006 NLCS, Game 7 More»
  • June 13 10:25 PM ET

    Reminiscing a bit

    I saw it noted on Twitter this afternoon that today is the 10th anniversary of one of the more memorable games I covered during my years on the beat. On June 13, 2003, Roger Clemens joined two very elite clubs by recording his 300th win and 4000th strikeout in the big leagues.   It was […] More»
  • April 01 8:25 PM ET

    2013 Predictions

    I already laid out my division/wild card/pennant winner picks for, as did several of my colleagues. You can check those out here.   But I try to go into a little more depth here at the blog, so once again I’m giving more extensive picks in this space. Here are last year’s preseason predictions, […] More»
  • March 14 9:43 PM ET

    Spring Training, Day 18: And on that note, we cue the music

    Today was the last full day of my Spring Training 2013 odyssey, with a Braves-Cardinals game at Roger Dean Stadium. Tomorrow morning I fly back to NYC, where I’m told it’s still chilly.  It’s been a tremendously entertaining, if draining, three weeks, and it’s been great to be back at the ballpark. Whatever my job […] More»
  • March 14 2:47 AM ET

    Spring Training, Day 17: Back home again on Planet Jupiter

    So, somewhat appropriately I think, I’m back in Jupiter for the final stop of my 2013 Spring Training odyssey. This place really feels like home, which I guess makes sense given that I’ve lived more than a year of my life around here. I hit the Crazy Cuban for lunch and headed over to the […] More»
  • March 12 10:23 PM ET

    Spring Training, Day 16: No-hitter watch

    Exhibit 14,729 as to how Spring Training is different:  After five innings today, I took a look at my scorecard and said, “Oh, hey, the Cardinals don’t have a hit yet.” And then they got one, and that was that.  Seeing them next to each other, thinking about them on the same day, I was […] More»
  • March 11 9:49 PM ET

    Spring Training, Day 15: Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    Sometimes, I’m a 10 year old. I could come to Space Coast Stadium five times a year for the next 10 years, and I will never, ever, ever not chuckle and think of Space Ghost when I see the name. Then again, if you ever watched the old Space Ghost Coast to Coast show, you […] More»
  • March 10 9:12 PM ET

    Spring Training, Day 14: Morning comes early

    It wasn’t quite full daylight yet when I hopped in the trusty rental car for the trip from Greater Disneyburg to Lakeland, thanks to the time change. Not that I’m complaining, as I’m one who greatly appreciates extra daylight in the evening, but it was a bit odd. Everybody around the ballpark seemed to be […] More»
  • March 09 11:35 PM ET

    Spring Training, Day 13: Taco. In. A. Helmet.

    Today brought me to Port St. Lucie, home of the Mets and of the best concession item in the Grapefruit League: Taco in a Helmet. If you get to Port St. Lucie, just go get one. Thank me later. Crushed chips, cheese, spicy ground beef, lettuce, salsa, jalapenos and sour cream in a nice-sized helmet […] More»
  • March 08 11:31 PM ET

    Spring Training, Day 12: Paying the Wrench

    I was on Yankees duty today, but it was a very quiet day for the bunch of Bombers who took the field in Jupiter. Pretty much all of the big news was in Tampa, where Andy Pettitte threw and Derek Jeter took at-bats in a simulated game. Somewhat similarly, the biggest news for the Cardinals […] More»
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