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 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
1.    Blalock, Hank  1B  TEX  TB  3/12/10  Minor league contract
2.    Iwamura, Akinori  2B  TB  PIT  11/03/09  Traded for Jesse Chavez
3.    Riggans, Shawn  C  TB  NYM  2/11/10  Minor League contract
4.    Shoppach, Kelly  C  CLE  TB  12/01/09  Traded for a PTBN (Mitch Talbot)
5.    Zaun, Gregg  C  TB  MIL  12/07/09  One year with a club option for 2010
6.    Matsui, Hideki  DH  TB  LAA  12/17/09  One-year contract
7.    Dillon, Joe  IF  TB  TB  12/18/09  Minor League contract
8.    Crawford, Carl  OF  TB  TB  11/09/09  Club option exercised
9.    Gross, Gabe  OF  TB  OAK  2/01/10  One-year contract
10.    Abreu, Winston  RP  TB  TB  12/14/09  Minor League contract
11.    Bennett, Jeff  RP  TB  TB  12/14/09  Minor League contract
12.    Benoit, Joaquin  RP  TEX  TB  2/15/10  Minor league contract
13.    Bradford, Chad  RP  TB  ---  ---  Free agent
14.    Ekstrom, Mike  RP  SD  TB  2/03/10  Claimed off waivers
15.    Isringhausen, Jason  RP  TB  ---  ---  Unsigned through spring training
16.    Nelson, Joe  RP  TB  BOS  2/01/10  Minor League contract
17.    Percival, Troy  RP  TB  ---  ---  Free agent
18.    Ramirez, Ramon A.  RP  TB  BOS  12/09/09  Claimed off waivers
19.    Shouse, Brian  RP  TB  BOS  1/04/10  Minor League contract
20.    Soriano, Rafael  RP  ATL  TB  12/11/09  Traded for Jesse Chavez
21.    Springer, Russ  RP  TB  ---  ---  Unsigned through spring training