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Topps Attax

Luke Hochevar had an interesting vantage point as a baseball card collector. The Royals righty, who started his collection as a kid in Denver just before the Rockies began play as a franchise in 1993, talked about his widespread tastes. More >
Featured Card
1988 Topps Traded Jay Buhner
Jay Buhner began his career with the Yankees in 1987. He played portions of the '87 & '88 seasons with the Yankees before being traded to the Seattle Mariners on July 21, 1988 for Ken Phelps. Buhner went on to play 13 1/2 seasons for the Mariners. He became a fan favorite for his trademark bald head and monster home runs. He ended his career in 2001 with a lifetime .254 average and 310 home runs.
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Player's Corner
Boesch collected Big Hurt, Piazza
One of the most impressive rookies of 2010 has been Brennan Boesch. The Tigers outfielder was not expected to start this season but forced his way into the lineup with his power, much like some of the players whose cards he collected as a kid. More >