Posted 5/3/12 at 2:46 PM

Move over Bazooka Joe ... here comes Bazooka David

Rays pitchers are finding increasingly creative ways to spend their days off.

After recording a five-out save on Wednesday night, reliever Joel Peralta was told he could take a beach day Thursday, and dressed accordingly.

Meanwhile, cheering Peralta and the Rays on to their fourth consecutive victory, starter David Price set a new personal bubble gum-chewing record.

The Rays lefty then took to Twitter with a contest, asking his followers to guess the number of pieces he mashed together to form this glob.

The recipient of a baseball signed by all five members of the Rays rotation was @HumandChuck. "It's a young lady. She lives in Toronto," Price said, "She got it right on her first guess, so she won."

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